Pest Control Experts in The Bay Area CA

Keystone Pest Control was formed in 1992 by John Pirrone and Steve Dietrich after working for other pest control companies for many years. Our philosophy was to form a company that would give personalized, effective service to both homes and businesses. Having worked in the Bay Area in pest control for many years, we felt we had a lot to offer our customers in experience and quality. 

In spite of growing our business over the last twenty years, we still believe in being hands-on in every aspect of our business, managing day-to-day operations and assuring customer satisfaction is always our first priority. Being an independent small company allows us to utilize all new innovations in our industry as they become available. It also allows us to continue to provide the friendly, personal service we are known for.

Why Keystone Pest Control?

  • We have an Associate Certified Entomologist on staff to expertly identify pests.
  • Our pest control specialists have the training, experience, and resources to assure protection and elimination of all types of destructive pests.
  • We're experts at the proper, proven methods of selecting and applying pest–control chemicals.
  • We provide effective, prompt service at a reasonable cost.
  • We go the extra mile to see our customers' needs are met.
  • We make sure you receive immediate, courteous help.
  • We set and keep appointments and are flexible to our customers' changing schedules and requests.

Contact Keystone today and we'll prove to you that our customers always receive top–notch service.