Redwood City, CA Pest Control

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Nestled above Palo Alto and below San Mateo, Redwood City is one of the most beautiful sections of the Bay Area to call home. As the name implies, there are plenty of trees, parks, and other nature spots to enjoy. You can enjoy the aviation museum, enjoy the sights of Bair Island, or check out one of the many fantastic restaurants in this city. Of course, if you’re feeling like a night in The City, you can hop on the BART and get into the downtown area relatively quickly. However, while that greenery is fantastic for kids and adults alike, it’s also prime habitat for pests. If you find some pests interfering with your home or business, it may be time to call Redwood City, CA pest control!

Redwood City, CA Pest Control: What Should You Expect?

Since Redwood City has so many green spots, residents tend to find pests typically associated with open spaces instead of problems that you’ll usually find in denser quarters (like rats or mice). Pests in this region include:

  • Spiders
  • Bed bugs
  • Wasps
  • Gophers
  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • And more!

In particular, Redwood City residents will want to be on the lookout for the following two pests!


Spiders are a substantial problem in Redwood City as they are in most parts of the state! There are two spiders, in particular, that residents need to know about: the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. If you see either of these spiders, you should know that they are poisonous and cause significant injury should they bite you. It’s almost always better to let Redwood City, CA pest control specialists handle these bugs!


Termites cause billions of dollars of damage every single year. In the wild, they help decompose wood – a valuable function. However, termites can’t distinguish between wood they should decompose (like a tree) and wood they shouldn’t touch (like your house or business!). Therefore, to preserve the structural integrity of your home, it is imperative to catch any termite infestation before it gets too large. A yearly termite assessment can help with that!

Why Get Professional Redwood City, CA Pest Control Assistance?

If you encounter any of the pests above, it may very well be time to get professional Redwood City, CA pest control assistance. Some of these pests (like bees, spiders, and termites) can be dangerous or costly. Home remedies sometimes work, but more often than not, they don’t solve the root cause for the pest invasion in the first place! Therefore, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry. When you see pests around the house or businesses that you don’t want, it’s time to call the professionals!