San Francisco, CA Pest Control

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Known as The Golden City, San Francisco, CA, has long been a top destination for tourists and residents alike. San Francisco is a world-class city with an impressive array of food options, fantastic nightlife, fantastic shopping, and some of the best scenery in the entire United States. Couple that with a vibrant economy and a rich history, and you have the makings of one of the best cities in the entire 50 states! However, like all big cities, residents and businesses can sometimes see pests around their properties. When that happens, it might be time to have a professional San Francisco, CA pest control company come out and take a look!

San Francisco, CA Pest Control: What Should Residents Expect?

Residents of San Francisco should expect the usual assortment of bugs that can pop up in any California city. This assortment includes spiders (including Black Widows!), ants, flies, bees, wasps, and many more. However, there are three pests, in particular, that cause the most problems for Bay Area residents: bed bugs, rodents, and termites. Let’s see why each one is problematic!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are among the most challenging pests to deal with and one of the hardest to remove. As their name implies, bed bugs live on the bed. They feed on human blood, however, so when people are asleep, they crawl out of their spots around the bedroom for a feed. These bugs can leave itchy red marks that make waking up in the morning painful and difficult!


Rodents can be a significant problem in San Francisco. Indeed, San Francisco was once ranked the fifth “rattiest” city in the United States. Rodents can present substantial problems because they use their strong teeth to gnaw through building materials, searching for food. They also carry around their filth which is a significant vector for diseases and other ailments. If you see rodents around your place, get professional San Francisco, CA pest control to remove them!


Every year, termites cause damage to homes and businesses all around the world. Termites love cellulose, and, unfortunately for homeowners, that cellulose is in the wood. Therefore, termites eat the wooden frame of a building to the point where it may even collapse! That’s why regular termite inspections are typically necessary for all San Francisco buildings!

San Francisco, CA Pest Control Services

If you see any one of the above pests (or others, like Black Widow spiders), you should know that you don’t have to put up with them! Call for professional San Francisco, CA pest control services and start enjoying your life in the Bay Area again!