San Jose, CA Pest Control

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Home to some of the best educational institutions and tech companies in the Bay Area, San Jose has long been a top destination for the world’s best and brightest. San Jose is on the southernmost end of the San Francisco Bay and, as such, enjoys a much different climate than that of San Francisco. It has a rich heritage dating back to the 1800s and continues to be a desirable place to live! If you currently reside or have a business in this city and see pests around your property, you should know that the right San Jose, CA pest control services can take care of them for you! Here’s what you need to know!

San Jose, CA Pest Control: What Are the Most Common Pests?

San Jose is home to most of the same pests that you’ll find in other parts of California. There are three pests, in particular, that typically require professional San Jose, CA pest control specialists.


Rodents are a relatively common issue in the San Jose area. Unfortunately, mice and rats can spread diseases and put residents and business patrons at risk. For business owners (especially in restaurants), rats can be a significant liability risk! Additionally, since they have sharp teeth, they can also cause structural issues – chewing through wood and other materials to gain access to your home.

If you are experiencing rodents in your San Jose residence or business, call the experts to remove them!


Termites are one of the biggest problems for homeowners in the San Jose area. Although they look like ants, termites can cause many more problems. In particular, they feed on the cellulose in the wooden frames of homes. That weakens the structure and, if left unchecked, will cause a home to collapse!

The best way to fix termite problems is to catch infestations early! An annual inspection is the best way to ensure that termite infestations don’t grow large enough to cause significant problems!

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are little tiny insects that will feed off human blood (like mosquitoes). Unfortunately, they get their name because they do, indeed, live in beds. Mattresses and other porous fabrics around the bedroom make for a perfect home for bed bugs! Once they find their way in there, they make their way out at night to get food, which leads to red marks in the morning for the unfortunate victim!

When Do I Need San Jose, CA Pest Control?

If you notice any of the three pests above, you could likely benefit from professional San Jose, CA pest control services. Additionally, if you notice spiders, cockroaches, bees, wasps, or any other pest causing problems, please get in touch with us! We would love to help you resolve your pest problems once and for all!