Pest Control Testimonials in The Bay Area, CA

I've used Keystone 3 times in the last 2 years for ants and fleas and each time they have been great. Super effective treatment- ants and fleas went away pretty much the same day they treated the house. Plus service guys are friendly and customer service is great when you call them. I will always call Keystone first for any pest issues.

— Mira K.

Called them and they gave me an intelligent and straightforward assessment of my situation. Went ahead and followed their advice, had them do what they suggested, and Voila! —no problem!

— Meredith B.

Fantastic job by Mike. Wanted to write this review for a long time now and waited to see if the mouse problem was gone for good. It's been 2 months now and no sign of any mice in the kitchen. He was able to trap couple of mice in his visits and also made an additional visit free of cost as he felt necessary to complete the job. All this was taken care of for almost half the price as what other people were quoting outside. Very happy with overall service.

— Venkatesh T.

We moved into a new house and found tiny bugs that we thought were mites. Naturally, we were alarmed and scared by it so we caught some on a glue trap for Keystone Pest Control to ID for us. John called back promptly and identified the bugs as booklice. He assured us that we had nothing to worry about and gave us advice on how to eradicate them.

The next day, I found some other bugs in the laundry room - carpet beetles! John once again advised me on how to get rid of them. He looked out for my family's best interest by providing solutions that didn't require introducing chemicals to my little ones. I really appreciated his advice, his depth of knowledge as an entomologist, kindness, and honesty.

I highly recommend Keystone Pest Control for all your pest control needs!

— Sarah K.

We had a rodent issue at our house and I called Keystone to have them take a look at what was going on. They sent out technician Mike same day to come and take a look. Mike knew exactly what to look for to diagnose the rodent issues. I signed up for the complete rodent service which includes not only getting rid of the current problem, but also preventing a future problem. Long story short, there were a total of six rats under our house. Mike completely eradicated our problem. He went above and beyond in workmanship and service. The complete rodent service is worth every penny. I wouldn't hesitate to call Keystone again if needed. I also signed up for yard sprays every other month for ants and spiders. So far, so good. No ants or spiders seen, even in these dry conditions.

— Jason M.

No pushy sales job. It's been 4 days and as of now the last of the ant vermin have vacated my premises. Ha! Take that. I signed up for bi-monthly service in exchange for a lower rate. The tech was highly educated, explained the whole process and took his time setting the little dirt bags up for their final disposition. Case closed.

— Mike H.

For more than 15 years, Keystone has helped me keep my home pest-free. Every other month they spray for ants and fleas (for the dog). I recently sold my home and the termite inspection can back clear. This is despite all of my neighbors tenting over the years. We've also had a few rodent issues over the years and Keystone has been fantastic at making the problem go away. The office staff is always polite and responsive. These guys rock!

— Sharon L.

The service is the best! I worked with Keystone a few months ago when we had a bad ant problem in the kitchen, and they were able to get someone out (forgot the name, I think it was Jamie) and it was a great experience. He explained the entire process and was very knowledgeable. Given that I hate ants, I signed up for the every-other-month service for spraying. Good thing too. I had more ants (due to rain, unrelated to the first call) and called in. They were able to get someone over same day, which was very surprising! Mike just left after spraying some indoor spots, and he also was very friendly and knowledgeable. This company is the best!

— Bill S.

Keystone is the best. We have been using them for about 3 years now. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dawn is awesome and always gets to our ant problem right away. Thanks James for squeezing us in today, I know it was challenging. We started with just occasional use but are now bi-monthly. Rates are reasonable and customer service is exceptional.

— Theresa M., Pleasanton CA

I've used Keystone Pest Control several times over the last few years and have always been pleased with the service. They answer the phone, set up a prompt appointment, show up on time, and fix the problem the first time with no hassle. The price is more than fair and I would not hesitate calling them back in the future or recommending them to my friends and family.

They first fixed an ant problem for me after a bathroom remodel upset their trail. After having a technician come look over the situation he sprayed a solution down and I haven't had an issue with ants since, 6+ years! You can't ask for much more than that.

Recently I had a strange issue with my roommate getting stung by a wasp in the bathroom. I contacted Steve with Keystone who was able to get me a next day appointment. The technician was on time and not only found the problem (small hive in exhaust vent) but did some preventative maintenance on my roof to make sure this wouldn't happen again.

If you need a pest control service, THIS IS THE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!!


— Josh A., Danville CA